Gentle Molding - A  revolutionary non-surgical treatment for vision improvement that is gentler than Lasik

Gentle Molding - A  revolutionary non-surgical treatment for vision improvement that is gentler than Lasik

Gentle Molding - A  revolutionary non-surgical treatment for vision improvement that is gentler than Lasik
Gentle Molding - A  revolutionary non-surgical treatment for vision improvement that is gentler than Lasik

"As a radiologist, excellent vision is a necessity. I considered surgical options, but I was concerned about the potential risks and irreversible nature of the procedure. Fortunately I heard about Gentle Molding just weeks before my planned Lasik surgery. I liked the option of a noninvasive procedure which results in no permanent changes to the cornea. Also, as my corrective prescription changes in the future, new lenses can be adjusted to meet those needs. My vision is now better than ever and the days of searching for my glasses are over!" -R.B.O., M.D.

"I am so happy with Gentle Molding. Before GM, I wore glasses at night to watch TV and then contacts during the day. I cannot tell you how many times I would wake up in the morning and my contacts would revolt and did not want to go in. My eyes always felt dry and scratchy with them in, not to mention the countless times they would pop out as I was playing some sport. It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning, take out my GM contacts and have improved daytime vision." -R. D.

"The difference that Gentle Molding made for me is like 'day and night.' I can actually see well without using my eyeglasses. I never could wear daytime contacts before because they were so uncomfortable. But with the Gentle Molding lenses, I wear them only at night while I sleep and they're comfortable. I never want to go back to eyeglasses again. I feel like a brand new me and I love it!" -M. L.

"Gentle Molding has changed my life far beyond what I imagined. The thought of being able to get up first thing in the morning and not have to reach for my glasses is awesome. I would and have recommended this procedure." -D. M.

"I was tired of wearing glasses and unable to wear contacts due to discomfort so I had Lasik surgery. I was led to believe that I would never need glasses again. That is not true! It's now only been four years since the surgery and I need glasses to read again. No one tells you that Lasik surgery will not prevent age related changes. At some point you will need glasses or have risky, expensive surgery yet again. When I heard about the Gentle Molding procedure I made an appointment. There is no need for a risky, expensive surgical procedure that only works for a while. Your lenses can be adjusted, if needed, to maintain vision. Please do not risk your vision with surgery! Check out the Gentle Molding procedure." -J. H.

"I don't worry about what I'm doing, whether it's swimming or riding my boat, because I can see what I am doing. I can see well when I get up during the night. Instead of going to bifocal lenses I opted for the GM lenses. I have been in them for the last five years." -R. D.

"After having RK I was disappointed to find myself back in glasses after several years. I could not get the quality of vision I wanted in glasses and I couldn't comfortably wear any soft contact lenses. Gentle Molding got me back to my days without glasses. I am very happy with what GM has done for me!" -S. F.

"My eyesight is so improved after using Gentle Molding that I am less dependent on glasses! The constant on and off was annoying especially when driving and trying to read directions." -L. D.

"For 55 years I have been wearing either glasses or contact lenses. Eventually I had to return to glasses because of dry eyes. I was skeptical this could help someone with vision as poor as mine, but I called for the free consultation. Joy is the only word that can describe how waking up everyday to better vision has been for me." -J. J.

"I previously had Lasik in my left eye and R.K. in my right. The left eye was set for reading and the right for distance, which was a failure. Gentle Molding has enabled me to have reading and distance vision in both eyes." -C. A.

"Gentle Molding released me from five different strengths of reading glasses. It gave me my eyesight back. As an embroidery digitizer, I need my eyesight to be sharp. Thanks to Gentle Molding I have that." -D. M.

"I love the freedom that Gentle Molding has given me during my waking hours. Not only were my eyes too sensitive for contacts, but I kept my glasses on my head more than on my nose, where they belonged. Therefore, my eyesight constantly had to adjust. It is such a relief not to have to keep up with glasses, have those ugly marks on my nose or worry about makeup on my contacts. This has made my daily routine easier." -S. K.

"I wore contacts or glasses for 30 years and suffered daily with chronic dry eye. I considered Lasik surgery to correct my nearsightedness, but even with that I would still have to wear glasses for reading and I didn't like the idea of permanently altering my eyes with surgery. When I saw the Gentle Molding interview on TV, I immediately went online to do research. I was so impressed that I made an appointment right away. After the consultation I couldn't wait to get started! What an incredible journey this has been! The Gentle Molding lenses have given me freedom from the burden of glasses and daily contacts. My eyes look and feel healthy again and my quality of life has improved ten times over! I'm now able to wear the Gentle Molding lenses every other night and still see clearly for two whole days!" -J.H.


Gentle Molding - A  revolutionary non-surgical treatment for vision improvement that is gentler than Lasik